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Fat Loss Contest Returns to Williamsburg

Back by popular demand!! It’s the Lose to Win Fit Challenge brought to you by Kate Buenaflor and Mike Camarra.

There are only 3 requirements to participate:
1 – Pay the $40 entry fee.
2 – Participate in the first weigh-in
3 – Participate in the final weigh-in

– This is a 60 day competition.
– The first weigh-in will be on Saturday, January 11 from 1pm-3pm. The final weigh-in is Saturday, March 8 from 1pm-3pm. If you want to participate, but cannot make the first/last weigh-in, an earlier date can be arranged.
– There are 3 categories: Male BF % loss, Female BF % loss, and overall WEIGHT loss. Each category will have a cash prize. The more people who compete, the bigger the prize.
– You win the BF% loss contest by losing the greatest percent of your body fat. For example, if you are starting at 20% BF and drop to 10% BF, you have lost 50 percent of your BF and score 50 (that’s really good).
– Body Fat % will be measured with a special scale.
– Weigh-ins will take at Betz Method at 8 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
– Betz Method is offering a free class to all non-member competitors. Beginner classes are at 8pm on Wednesdays and 10am on Saturdays.
Click here to RSVP to the event on Facebook

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Eating Slowly and Only Until Satisfied

This post is an excerpt from The High Performance Handbook Nutrition Guide, written by Precision Nutrition’s Brian St. Pierre. The post appeared on Eric Cressy’s blog, which we highly recommend.

Many of us eat far too quickly.  And, at each meal we expect to eat to the point of fullness.  Unfortunately, eating in this manner – quickly and until full – will always present challenges to your performance, health, and body composition goals.  This is true even if you eat the right foods (though eating mostly whole, minimally processed foods makes it much easier to tune into these powerful appetite cues).

Learning to tune into and follow your hunger and fullness cues will be paramount to your long-term success.  It will teach you to slow down, to listen to your body and its needs and to stop eating when you are satisfied, not full.  This is actually one of the most important skills you need to build for long-term nutrition success.

Why is this so?  It takes about 20 minutes for our satiety mechanisms to work.  What this means is that the signal from our gut takes time to get to our brain.  So, if you eat quickly, it is more than likely that you will eat far more in that 20-minute window than you need, and before your brain can tell you that you have eaten enough.  Regardless of food quality and macronutrient composition, over-eating is over-eating.  Unless you are trying to gain weight, learning this skill is critical (and even then it is still critical, because you won’t be trying to gain weight forever).

An excellent goal is to aim for about 15-20 minutes per meal, at a minimum.  If this is too big of a change for you, simply aim to take a little longer for now, slowly stretching out your meals until you are able to reach that 15-20 minute mark.

To do this, simply utilize the following strategies:

• take a seat when you eat
• turn off the TV and eliminate distractions (though some light reading can be okay)
• take smaller bites
• chew your food more completely
• put your fork down after every few bites
• drink some water
• share some witty banter with your dining partner(s)

Slowing down your eating will help in many capacities.  When you eat slowly, you tend to eat fewer calories with each meal (because your brain has time to tell you enough has been eaten), drink more water (improving hydration status and health), improve digestion (because it starts in the mouth), and tune into your hunger and fullness cues more effectively.
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Beastanetics Workout of the Week

(exercises 1-6: 4 sets @ 23 sec + 17 sec recovery)
Frog Squat Assessment (60s)
Hot Potato (60s)
Resistance band standing 2-arm partner row (2 x 30s; 10s rec)
Alternating Reverse Lunge (90s)
Super Plank (4 x 20s; 20s rec)
Maidenhead (3 x 30s; 10s rec)
Side Plank (4 x 30s; 10s rec)
Single Leg Stretch (2 x 30s; 10s rec)
1. High knees & drop
2. Ski Jump
3. Side step & Touch
4. Butt Kickers
5. Plank Jacks
6. Squat Jump Jacks

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Beastanetics Workout of the Week

Beastanetics Workout of the Week

November 5, 2013

Push-ups (2 sets x 20 sec)

4 sets @ 23 sec + 17 sec recovery
Backpedal 5 steps, turn, sprint 18 yards
Carioca (switch direction on whistle)
Side hop over cone
Gallop (50 yards)
Prisoner squat jumps

400 meter run
200 meter run

Super plank (4 x 20s)
Bird dog elbow to knee (R/L x 30 s)
Plank – lift forearm (8 x 10 sec)

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The Shawnette Class

The Shawnette Class

(That’s Shawnette on the right)

Los Angeles Is Burning | Bad Religion
Precision Auto | Superchunk
Neat Neat Neat | The Damned
Big Mouth | The Muffs
Rebel Girl | Bikini Kill
Born Free | The Bouncing Souls
Ever Fallen In Love | The Buzzcocks
Isla de Encanta | The Pixies
Nobody But Me | The Dickies
Soldiers Requiem | Naked Raygun
Youth | Blitz
Suspect Device | Stiff Little Fingers
Mickey | Toni Basil
Walking In L.A. | Missing Persons

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