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Punk Rope Makes “Best Workout List” for NYC

Punk Rope Makes "Best Workout List" for NYC

We’re thrilled that Gothamist, the blog that covers all things New York, chose us for their list of best workouts in New York City that you’re not likely to find at your gym. Hopefully the secret is out and more gyms will consider adding Punk Rope to their group exercise schedule. Click here to read the article in Gothamist.

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Workout of the Week 12-31-13

4 sets @ 24 sec + 16 sec recovery for exercises 1-6
Squat Thrust Assessment (60s)
Partner band resisted forward running around cone (2 x 45s)
Transverse Lunge (90s)
Staggered push-ups (4 x 20s)
Swimmers (3 x 30s)
Plank w/ Leg Raised (8 x 10s)
Criss Cross (2 x 30s)
Specific Warm-Up
1. Fast feet & drop
2. Bell jump
3. Lateral High Knees
4. Star Jumps
5. Break Dance
6. Surfing Squat Jumps

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