Punk Rope Certification

Punk Rope Certification

City Challenge 280 x 180_3174There are two paths to becoming certified as a Punk Rope instructor:

1) completing the Punk Rope Distance Certification

2) attending a Punk Rope Workshop.

Whichever path you choose, once certified, you’ll have the option of launching your own Punk Rope class provided you sign the Punk Rope Instructor Agreement. Post-certification, there are no additional costs, hidden or otherwise—there are no licensing fees, royalties, or certification maintenance fees.

The Punk Rope Distance Certification
The Punk Rope Distance Certification is the more convenient and economical route as you can complete the certification from the comfort of your home. Included with your $99 registration fee is the Punk Rope Instructor Manual (E-book) with links to more than 50 videos. The manual and videos provide you with all the information necessary to become a successful Punk Rope Instructor.

What You’ll Learn
1) Punk Rope’s 4-step method
2) Correct rope jumping mechanics
3) How to troubleshoot common rope jumping errors
4) Punk Rope class structure
5) Active resting moves
6) Jumps to improve timing & coordination
7) Jumps to improve agility
8) Jumps to improve endurance
9) Jumps to improve power, speed, and strength
10) Creative solo conditioning drills
11) Creative partner conditioning drills
12) Creative group conditioning drills and games
13) How to launch and market a Punk Rope class

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To complete the Punk Rope Distance Certification, you’ll need to study the Punk Rope Instructor manual, watch the instructional videos, and practice. Within three months from purchasing the certification, you’ll need to submit to us a 5-6 minute video that demonstrates your ability to teach the following elements of a Punk Rope class:

1) basic rope jumping
2) solo conditioning drill
3) partner or group conditioning drill

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Punk Rope Workshop
The other path to becoming Punk Rope-certified is to attend a live, 7-hour Punk Rope Workshop. The workshop covers all the topics listed above plus you’ll receive live, expert instruction from Punk Rope creators, Tim Haft and Shana Brady. In addition, Tim and Shana will provide you with a video analysis of your rope jumping mechanics.

Included with the $175 workshop fee ($100 for host staff/members) are a custom-sized Punk Rope jump rope and the Punk Rope Instructor Manual (E-book).

If you’re interested in hosting a live Punk Rope Workshop click here to download our workshop hosting guidelines.


Click here to purchase the Punk Rope Distance Certification