Learn how to dominate double unders

Double Unders Seminars


    • CrossFitters
    • Athletes
    • Fitness enthusiasts
    • Fitness instructors
    • Personal trainers
    • Physical education teachers
    • Athletic coaches
    • How to select and size the proper rope & footwear for rope jumping
    • Foundational rope jumping mechanics
    • How to perfect singles using Punk Rope’s 4-step method
    • How to correct common errors such as donkey kicks, piking, dropped hands, stray elbows, and mistimed jumps
    • How to progress to continuous double unders
    • How to devise an individualized double unders training plan
    • Custom-sized jump rope
    • Custom-sized wrist trainer
    • Rope Jumping instruction E-book
    • Video analysis of each jumper’s technique
      • Thank you for such a wonderful experience today at Crossfit Ignite! You are amazing at what you do and although I haven’t yet mastered the double under, I’m thinking with all the drills you taught us I am not far away! I turn 60 in 6 months and plan on achieving this goal before my birthday and now with your help I feel confident I am going to master the skill!

      —Darci Struthwolf, CrossFit Ignite

      • Thanks so much for an amazing seminar. It was very informative and the two of you are terrific instructors. You made learning fun.

      —Diana Bakshi, 5 Towns CrossFit

      • Thank you for the wonderful workshop. Thanks to your coaching I have gone from 0 double unders to a current record of 20! Doubles were the number one thing I struggled with at CrossFit so I am really, really pleased.
        —Richard Lloyd, Second Wind CrossFit
      • Tim and Shana put on a great seminar. From their positive energy to their passion for coaching this was a fun and educational seminar. As a coach it was awesome to learn progressions that work for double unders, improve my own jump roping ability, and see our athletes get their very first double unders!
        —Jason Ackerman, former owner Albany CrossFit
      • It was a great seminar. I really enjoyed it. I got a few double unders for the first time after many failed attempts! Well worth the time and money. Thanks.
        —Barry Bryant
      • The DU seminar was great! I practiced a little more about an hour or two later at the box and was able to string 3 DU together! I’ve been CrossFitting for about a year and a half and that’s something I could never do. Thank you so much for your patience and helpful criticism. Keep up the good work!
        —Megan McNally
      • I took your double unders seminar last Sunday and did what you suggested. I practiced consecutive double unders using a metronome. On my first day using this approach I broke my previous record by 15 jumps. And today, I PRd again with 50 consecutive doubles. Your advice really helped.
        —Anne-Michele Eisenstein
      • Thank you for the great double unders workshop this past weekend. I benefitted as both an athlete and a coach. Everybody who attended improved and left with actionable steps to continue improving their jump rope skills. I hope to have you guys back in the future! I give the seminar a five star – excellent rating and would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their jump rope skills!
        —Jay Jairdullo, Owner, CrossFit Primeval
      • I wanted to let you know how much everyone enjoyed your clinic. Everyone’s skills with the rope improved, and they all came away with some new information, drills, and skills to work on. You and Shana were awesome instructors; knowledgeable, friendly, and so patient with everyone! Your calm demeanor helped people stay relaxed while working on their doubles. They all enjoyed the clinic and were glad they attended. Now other members are asking for you guys to come back. I would recommend that anybody who wants to get better at performing double unders attend your clinic!
        —Tim Gagne, Owner, Bay State CrossFit
      • I really benefited from the drills that Shana showed me. Every CrossFitter could benefit from this seminar, whether they are looking to achieve their first double or to make their next set of 50 take 50% less effort! Watching Shana effortlessly breeze through a minute of doubles alongside some accomplished CrossFit athletes muscling their way through the same was a revelation.
        —Rick, CrossFit athlete
      • Thanks again for the Doubles or Nothing Workshop at Albany CrossFit! I’ve been practicing a lot and can now do 50 doubles unbroken! The more I pay attention to the things we worked on the better I get!
      • Thanks again to you and Shana for a fun and informative Workshop. We got lots of good feedback this morning from some of the members who attended.
        —Kevin Doran, CrossFit Pennington
      • I can’t thank you enough. The key to success is persistence, but the real key is to learn from someone who knows how to do things the right way.
        —Srini Mudambi
      • Loved your class today. Thank you for the meticulous attention, the encouragement, and bringing your show on the road! The format of the class was great. I really like how you all give immediate feedback.
        —Stephen Michener
      • Thank you SO SO SO MUCH Tim! I’ve been doubleundering all afternoon. I can now get 5 double unders with 1 single in between. Your workshop was awesome. I’m going to definitely attend another in the future and encourage my friends to join.
        —Allie Echevarria
      • Had double-unders in my WOD this morning and I was already able to string together 7! Thank you so much for the seminar. It was 2 years of frustration, but it looks like I am on my way…
        —Randy Moreau
      • Thanks so much for your excellent course! I learned a great deal. I could not do one double under before the class and now it’s clear I will be able to do them.
        —Ed Feinberg
      • Just wanted to thank you again for an awesome session yesterday. I have heard nothing but great things from everyone. You guys were great and it was a pleasure working with the both of you.
        —Jenn Boulin, Steel Caliber CrossFit

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can my facility host a Double Unders Seminar?
    It’s easy and hassle-free. Download our Double Unders Seminar Hosting Guidelines and follow the simple instructions. If you have questions, call Tim Haft at 646-654-0668 or email him at tim@punkrope.com.
    Are there any prerequisites?
    No. Everybody is welcome.
    What’s included with my registration fee?
        • Custom-sized Punk Rope plastic speed rope
        • Custom-sized Punk Rope wrist trainer
        • Rope jumping instruction E-book
        • Video analysis of rope jumping technique using Coach’s Eye
    What should I wear/bring to the seminar?
    Wear comfortable workout clothes and sneakers (we prefer flat-soled, minimal-style shoes). Bring a notebook and pen in case you want to take notes. You’re welcome to bring and use your own jump rope, however you will be given a custom-sized Punk Rope plastic speed rope at the seminar.
    How can I find Double Unders Seminars in my area?
    Seminars are listed here. If there are no Double Unders Seminars scheduled in your area, consider asking your facility to host one. Click here to download the Double Unders Seminar hosting guidelines.
    If I sign up for a seminar and can’t attend, what are my options?
    You can transfer your registration to a friend or colleague.