Learn how to dominate double unders

Doubles or Nothing Workshop


    • CrossFitters
    • Athletes
    • Fitness enthusiasts
    • Fitness instructors
    • Personal trainers
    • Physical education teachers
    • Athletic coaches
    • How to select (and size) the proper rope & footwear for rope jumping
    • Foundational rope jumping mechanics
    • How to perfect singles using Punk Rope’s 4-step method
    • How to correct common errors such as donkey kicks, piking, dropped hands, stray elbows, and mistimed jumps
    • How to progress to continuous double unders
    • How to devise an individualized double unders training plan
    • Custom-sized Punk Rope Speed Rope
    • Jump Rope Made Easy PDF Manual

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can my facility host a Doubles or Nothing Workshop?
    It’s easy and hassle-free. Download our PDF Doubles or Nothing Workshop Hosting Guidelines and follow the simple instructions. If you have questions, feel free to call Tim Haft at 646-654-0668 or email him at tim@punkrope.com.
    Are there any prerequisites?
    No. Everybody is welcome.
    What’s included with my registration fee?
      • Custom-sized Punk Rope speed rope
      • Jump Rope Made Easy PDF Manual
    What should I wear/bring to the workshop?
    Wear comfortable workout clothes and sneakers (we prefer flat-soled, minimal-style shoes). Bring a notebook and pen in case you want to take notes. You’re welcome to bring and use your own jump rope, however you will be given a custom-sized Punk Rope jump rope at the workshop.
    How can I find Doubles or Nothing Workshops in my area?
    Workshops are listed on this page, under Upcoming Workshops on the right sidebar. If there are no Doubles or Nothing Workshops scheduled in your area, consider asking your facility to host one. See below for information on hosting a workshop. Click here to download our Doubles or Nothing Workshop Hosting Guidelines.
    If I sign up for a workshop and can’t attend, what are my options?
    • You can transfer your registration to a friend or colleague.