Fat Loss Contest Returns to Williamsburg

Back by popular demand!! It’s the Lose to Win Fit Challenge brought to you by Kate Buenaflor and Mike Camarra.

There are only 3 requirements to participate:
1 – Pay the $40 entry fee.
2 – Participate in the first weigh-in
3 – Participate in the final weigh-in

- This is a 60 day competition.
- The first weigh-in will be on Saturday, January 11 from 1pm-3pm. The final weigh-in is Saturday, March 8 from 1pm-3pm. If you want to participate, but cannot make the first/last weigh-in, an earlier date can be arranged.
- There are 3 categories: Male BF % loss, Female BF % loss, and overall WEIGHT loss. Each category will have a cash prize. The more people who compete, the bigger the prize.
- You win the BF% loss contest by losing the greatest percent of your body fat. For example, if you are starting at 20% BF and drop to 10% BF, you have lost 50 percent of your BF and score 50 (that’s really good).
- Body Fat % will be measured with a special scale.
- Weigh-ins will take at Betz Method at 8 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
- Betz Method is offering a free class to all non-member competitors. Beginner classes are at 8pm on Wednesdays and 10am on Saturdays.
- Click here to RSVP to the event on Facebook

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