Everything you wanted to know about Punk Rope

Punk Rope: Frequently Asked Questions
What’s the story behind Punk Rope?
Certified personal trainer, Tim Haft, launched Punk Rope in October 2004 after recovering from knee surgery. He had been on a yearlong quest to find a fun, effective, community-oriented fitness class to help him get back into shape. Tim never found what we was looking for so he decided to create his own class. The first Punk Rope class was offered at New York University in 2004. Since then Punk Rope classes have been held at a wide range of venues — including community centers, gyms, bowling alleys, parks, art galleries, and senior centers — across the United States. The first international Punk Rope class launched in 2014 in Sheffield, England.
Who is Tim Haft?
Punk Rope creator, Tim Haft, has been providing fitness coaching to groups and individuals since 1998. Tim is certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise, as a running coach by USA Track & Field, and as a stability ball instructor by Resist-A-Ball. Tim has conducted fitness workshops for coaches, trainers, fitness instructors, athletes, and physical educators across the US.
How long is a Punk Rope class?
The typical class is 55 minutes, however some facilities offer classes that are shorter in duration.
What happens in Punk Rope?
The typical class consists of 14 intervals and is a mash-up of creative calisthenics, rope jumping (about 15 minutes total), relay races, fitness games, partner drills, and core and mobility work.
What results can I expect?
Punk Rope improves cardiovascular conditioning, coordination, power, strength, speed, agility, balance, rhythm, and timing. It can also help increase bone density and rev up metabolism.
How many calories will I burn during Punk Rope?
To determine precise caloric expenditure you would need to factor in your weight, the intensity at which you’re working, and the duration of your work bout, however on average, adults burn 500-600 calories per class.
I’m fairly new to exercise. Will it be okay for me to do Punk Rope?
That depends on a number of factors. While we are happy to offer certain modifications to make Punk Rope as safe for you as possible, it is a high-intensity, high-impact class and therefore is not suitable for everybody. If in doubt, email us at tim@punkrope.com.
I have a bad back, knee, hip, etc? Can I still do Punk Rope?
If you have an injury, it’s always best to check with your physician before beginning any new physical activity, especially a vigorous one like Punk Rope.
What type of shoes should I wear to class?
This is the source of endless debate, however we prefer a flexible, flat-soled sneaker with a good amount of cushioning in the forefoot. That said, footwear is extremely subjective so it’s best to wear what works for you.
How do I keep my assets from bouncing?
A good sports bra is highly recommended for ladies doing Punk Rope. If you don’t have a good sporting goods store near you, check out the selection at Title Nine.
There are no Punk Rope classes near me. How do I get one started?
We’re so glad you asked. Starting a class is easy. You or a friend can launch a class after successfully completing the Punk Rope distance certification or you can try to convince a nearby facility (i.e., a gym or community center) to host a live Punk Rope certification workshop.

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