Like the Olympics only way more fun!

The Punk Rope Games


2014_06_07 Spice Girls long rope_9360The Punk Rope Games were founded in 2009 and take place annually in New York City. The Games feature teams of 4 in costume competing in 10 fun and athletic events ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. There are 4 individual, 2 partner, and 4 team events. Participants of all fitness levels are welcome. Space is limited to 16 teams.


Saturday, September 26, 2015 | 11:30am-2pm


100% of the profits from registration fees and merch sales will be donated to the International Rescue Committee’s efforts to assist the Syrian refugees.


$40 per person for competitors and $10 per person for spectators.


1. Costume Contest | 30-60 seconds | Full team
Each team gets an opportunity to strut their sartorial stuff for the judges.

2. IKEA Bag Hop | Timed | Individual event
Think potato sack race but with a Swedish twist. Total distance roughly 60 feet.

3. Crossing | 60 seconds | Individual rope jumping event
The cross requires two successful jumps: the rope must pass under the jumper’s feet on the first rotation with her arms crossed and then on the second rotation it must pass under the jumper’s feet with the arms uncrossed.

4. Heavy Rope | 60 seconds | Individual rope jumping event
Complete as many successful jumps as possible in 60 seconds with a 6-pound rope.

5. Bean Bag Toss | Individual head-to-head event
Competitors toss 4 bean bags onto a grid with 9 squares. The competitor with the highest score advances to the next round; the loser continues in the consolations.

6. Me First You First | 60 seconds | Pairs event
Partners alternate turning a single jump rope under their teammate’s feet.

7. Spank the Waboba Flyer | 60 seconds | Pairs event
Partners stand at least 5 feet apart. Kadima paddles are used to strike a Waboba Flyer and keep it in the air. No double hits. The longest rally wins.

8. Long Rope | 60 seconds | Full team
Teams use a 14 foot Punk Rope jump rope. There are 2 turners and 2 jumpers. Jumpers start outside the rope and get 1 point for entering and exiting the rope successfully.

9. Rope Jumping Medley | Timed | Full team
Each teammate covers 1 leg of the relay: 1st 1-leg hop, 2nd leg—straddles, 3rd leg—side slide, 4th leg—turn backward, jump forward.

10. Rubber Chicken Relay | 2 minutes | Full team
Players take turns tossing a rubber chicken into a laundry basket 12′ away.


The Diamond Bar | 43 Franklin St bet Calyer & Quay
$4 beer & $5 wine specials


Heather Wagner Energy Medicine
Amy Shui Granola
The Diamond Bar
Hotel Tortuga
Punk Rope


Newtown Barge Playground | Commercial & DuPont Streets
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