Spotlight on Bengey Asse

Spotlight on Bengey Asse

Dancers around the city are waiting for you to return to DJing. Have you picked a DJ name yet? If so what is it? Where would your dream gig be and name 3 songs you’re psyched about playing.
I’m happy to be making a DJ comeback after a 5 year hiatus. Still haven’t picked a new DJ name, but am open to suggestions. My old DJ name back in the day was “D.J. Benny Ben”. My dream gig, would be DJing anywhere period. Rocking a Friday or Saturday night would be great. I like too many songs to pick just 3. As long as I know the song moves the person, makes them tap their feet, or break it down on the dance floor, then it’s good. Stay tuned for a holiday dance house party for my first practice DJing gig.

You didn’t get to defend your Punk Rope Cup title in 2012. What are the chances you’ll be back in 2013?
The chances of me coming back are great. I’m up for a challenge. Would love to reunite with the Bone Jumpers and see if we can make another run.

Word has it you’re an actor…and a dancer…and a model…What types of leads should our readers send you? Are you going to be appearing in any plays, films, etc. in the near future?
I’m into comedic and dramatic roles. I’m currently appearing in a web series called “Math Warriors,” which you can check out on Youtube. Season 1 is up and we just released Season 2. If we get 10,000 hits then we’re going to pitch the show to a network. So please watch! There are 5 episodes in all. Here’s the link to the latest: I’m also going to work with an acting coach for the fall to expand my talents and will be auditioning for more projects.

You’re a Punk Roper. You’re a Beast. You’re doing Tim’s 5K running program. What are your top 3 fitness goals for the remainder of 2012.
1) being consistent 2) getting fitter 3) pushing myself

You’re a native New Yorker, but even natives need to chill sometimes. Describe your favorite “chillout” day in the city.
My favorite “chillout” day in the city would be hanging out on any rooftop or pier facing the Manhattan skyline with good company or by myself. Even as a native New Yorker I’m still amazed at the beautiful buildings/lights of the Manhattan skyline.

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