Spotlight on Kimmie David

Spotlight on Kimmie David

Meet Kimmie David, a Punk Roper in New York City. The photo above was taken at the 2012 Punk Rope Games. Kimmie was a member of the silver medal winning Asian Contagion team.

Word has it Tim helped advise you when you were an undergrad at Hunter. Did his advice have any effect?
Tim wasn’t assigned as my advisor, but I did meet him in the advising office, and the only thing he advised me to do was to check out Punk Rope, which I finally did, four years later.

We’re eagerly anticipating your burlesque debut. Any ideas for a stage name? And what makes you want to take your clothes off in public?
Noooo! Pressure on the burlesque front! If anyone can christen me with a fitting stage name that references Queens, you get five dollars and my undying, glittery love. And to answer the second question: the world needs more beauty.

You have a really unique look and style. How do you describe it? What are your influences?
My style comes from: having worked my way through college at the Hot Topic in Queens Center Mall and stocking up with my employee discount, going to Catholic school for thirteen years, fitting everyone’s hand-me-downs, owning too many T-shirts and a sewing machine, and a fancy dress addiction. The more vintage, the better.

You’re a Buffalo Bills fan. That’s so random. How did you get hooked on the Bills?
This is not random! Buffalo, as I recall, is in New York, and I live in New York. I also have a penchant for underdog teams and disappointment and the big upset. I live for the moment of Big Upset.

Any thoughts on what you might do next after leaving Bluestockings? Looking for any leads or connections from our readers?
Ok, guys. Check this: I co-owned an amazing bookstore for close to five years, and I just hung up my hat there. But bookselling is one of those things I live for (along with removing articles of clothing while watching football), so if anyone knows of a bookselling position with a small-to-mid-sized independent in NYC…or something in the publishing universe…or anything else that lets me roll around in piles of books without having to go back to school…do let me know.

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