Beastanetics PDF Manual (81 pages)

Beastanetics PDF Manual (81 pages)

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Beastanetics is a high-intensity, interval training program.

Beastanetics leads to:
- Increased fat burning
- Increased metabolism
- Increased aerobic capacity
- Increased strength
- Increased power
- Increased mental toughness

Product highlights…
- Detailed instructions for 50+ body weight exercises
- Features 6 complete workouts
- 81 pages
- Links to 12 online videos
- Over 100 photos
- Sent as a PDF

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Happy Beasts

Beastanetics is awesome. I enjoy it and have seen good results from doing it. Tim Haft, the dude in charge, has designed a really great program. Basically, you work your ass off for a short period of time...and I mean really work. No joke. This is more effective than "moderate" exercising over a long period. You WILL see results. You will also find it surprisingly enjoyable. Tim is a cool guy and a great motivator.

Joe Katz