Rope Jumping for Max Fitness DVD

Rope Jumping for Max Fitness DVD
Price: $10.00

- 74 minute DVD featuring an 18-minute workout
- Stars Punk Rope creators, Tim Haft & Shana Brady
- Click here to watch the trailer
- Includes Rope Jumping for Fitness PDF manual (you’ll receive a download link for the manual in your receipt)

- How to use the Punk Rope method to jump like a pro
- 25 jumps to improve speed, strength, power, & more
- How to fix the most common rope jumping errors
- Correct rope jumping posture and mechanics
- How to properly size your rope
- Simple exercises to strengthen your calves & shins

- 18-minute high intensity rope jumping workout
- Features Punk Rope creators, Tim Haft & Shana Brady
- Starring 2-time Punk Rope Games champ, Howard Wu
- Special appearance by ps xo drummer, Heather Wagner
- Music by Alice Texas, ps xo, Likely Hoods, Shalitas

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Happy Punk Ropers

I've been a faithful Punk Roper for about 3 years now. Punk Rope is a killer workout, but you won't know it until you're done, drenched with sweat, and feeling like a million bucks! The music kicks butt, and the strong element of play keeps you smiling, which studies show helps you not feel pain!

Stacie Perlman