Punk Rope Distance Certification

Punk Rope Distance Certification
Price: $99.00

– Punk Rope Instructor’s Manual (PDF)

– The Punk Rope method of rope jumping
– Rope jumping mechanics
– How to detect and fix common rope jumping errors
– Jumps to improve agility, coordination, power, & speed
– How to create effective conditioning drills and games
– How to structure a Punk Rope class
– How to launch and market your class

1) Carefully review the manual and accompanying videos
2) Submit a short video demonstrating your ability to teach the major elements of Punk Rope.
3) If your video is approved you’ll receive a license to teach Punk Rope.

No refunds.

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Happy Punk Ropers

I attended a Punk Rope Workshop based on my interest in jumping rope. I was not prepared for, but delighted to have learned as much as I did. The remarkable benefit of the class is its format, which allows for participation by students of a wide range of abilities. Punk Rope continues to be the class I am most excited to teach.

Cambridge Family YMCAMatthew Mahoney Health & Fitness Director Cambridge, MA