The Hunger Games Workout

The Hunger Games Workout

I guess I’m the last person in the country to hear about The Hunger Games. My roommate, Shelly, mentioned the trilogy to me about a week ago and I had no idea what she was talking about. Then, a few days ago, a reporter from MSNBC left a message asking for my opinion about The Hunger Games Workout. My initial reaction was “I don’t like the name.” The words “hunger” and “games” shouldn’t be paired together, ever. But I suppose it’s too late now as the movie is about to break all box office records.

So back to the workout. I did some research and found out that the creator is an ex-Marine whose daughter is a fan of the books. Nice. But I still don’t like how we have a tendency in our culture to exploit what becomes popular. Somebody creates a hit and then somebody else jumps on the bandwagon. You see this in the fitness world all the time. After all, there’s Yogilates, Spinlates, Koga, Piloxing, and even Christ-Centered Yoga. I mean for chrissakes, can’t we leave Jesus out of fitness.

Anyway, my main concern with any new workout is for the safety of the participants. My next concern is whether the workout is effective. Fun ranks up there as well. So hopefully the Hunger Games Workout scores a trifecta. If you try it, let me know. Okay?

Oh, click here if you want to read the MSNBC article and my comments about The Hunger Games Workout.

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