Tim Haft, Punk Rope Founder


  • Certified personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise (1998)
  • Certified Level 1 USA Track & Field Coach (2001)
  • Certified Resist-A-Ball stability ball instructor (2000)
  • Certified USAFIT Marathon Coach (2000)

Exercise philosophy

  • Find an activity you love and stick with it, but don’t be afraid to try new challenges.
  • You only get one body per lifetime so treat it with respect and devotion.

Most memorable fitness achievement

At age 54, rope jumping the Hunts Point Hustle 5K in the cold, wind, and rain and completing it in my best time ever.

Quote to live by

“If you can’t fly, run; if you can’t run, walk; if you can’t walk, crawl. But by all means, keep on moving.”  —Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Shana Brady, Director of Training


  • BS, Nutrition & Exercise Science • Queens College • 2006
  • Certified Personal Trainer • American Council on Exercise • 2006
  • Certified Health & Fitness Instructor • American College of Sports Medicine, 2007
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist • NASM • 2012

Exercise Philosophy

I love exercise so much I went to school for it. Training is all about learning what our bodies can do to enrich our health and enjoyment of life. I use my creativity, patient demeanor, and positive attitude to help others overcome any and all obstacles blocking their path to fitness and better health.

Most memorable fitness achievement

I started to do continuous double unders without really trying. I know it’s counter to most goal-oriented training regimens but that’s how I like to do it. Much less stressful! After one of my first long endurance skips (which was a goal-oriented training regimen), I stopped for a break to freestyle jump. I must have somehow tapped into some new energy source or I was on an “exercise high” because I started to do just a few double unders and then kept on going!

Quote to live by

“Don’t worry about the wicked or envy those who do wrong” Psalm 37:1

or if you must have the King James version:

“Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.”