We’re Back + Halloween Playlist

We're Back + Halloween Playlist

Tough week. Thank God Sandy has left. Our lights are back on…heat just came back. Thanks to everybody for your concern. We love you right back!

This week’s theme is Halloween. We will NEVER let a hurricane take away one of our favorite holidays.

Billy’s Dead | Deadbolt
The Time Warp | Rocky Horror Picture Show
Leave A Stellar Corpse | Stellar Corpses
V8 Nightmare | Koffin Kats
Monster Mash | The Misfits
Halloween | Dropkick Murphys
What? | Rob Zombie
Graveyard Hop | Left for Dead
Almost Dead | Funeral Dress
Transylvanian Express | Batmobile
Astro Zombies | The Misfits
Pieces of You | Stellar Corpses
I Can Make You A Man | Tim Curry
I’m the Wolfman | The Staggers
Genuine Soil From Dracula’s Castle | Darling Pet Munkee

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